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GUI v2 – Final

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It’s finished! (almost). The Motor Board PCB arrives and I’ve soldered all components together. The final results looks awesome to me! Most beautiful that I’ve planed. There’s some parts that I don’t solder, because I need purchase a SMD rework station (all solders on this robot are made with a ordinary solder station).

GUI v2

GUI v2

GUI v2 - Power ON!


I found two problems with this design:

  • I’ve used the RA4 pin of PIC18LF452 for digital I/O, but unfortunately according to datasheet, that pin is a open drain. To operate like a common digital I/O it’s need a pullup resistor, but I don’t put it on my design. I need to solder the pullup 10kΩ SMD resistor. Lesson: All the times, read the entire datasheet before use any device pin.
  • In my Eagle motor library, I don’t provide horizontal restrictions to the motors area. Then, a little decouple capacitor stay above the motor, touch the white bracket motor house. This make a bad contact between boards. This capacitor it’s for crystal stabilization, so I removed it.

Well, even with all the issues:

  • Inverted connectors on boards;
  • Capacitors with wrong package (remember: 3406 don’t is 0603!);
  • Open drain pin without pullup;
  • Parts that I can’t found where purchase them;

… I think the whole project was a success. The robot works well, silent, smoothly. They are solid, very small and useful. The final result is a perceived evolution of the prototype, you see next:

Prototype and Final

Prototype and Final

GUI v2 - two boards

That’s the video of your first tests:

Now, the wireless part (NRF24L01+ transducer) waits to be soldered. It’ll on the party next month. So, the whole project has been closed and I’ll work on the software development, that I only write a very basic functions for test and maze solves.


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November 7, 2009 at 11:12