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New year comming… New devices… New Projects

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The of the year is coming, and a lot of ideas bring to my head. During this year I change my work line from Microchip PIC 18F Family MCUs (like PIC18LF2520, PIC18LF2620 and PIC18LF14K50) to PIC24F Family (PIC24FJ32GA002, PIC24FJ64GA002, PIC24FJ256GB106). It’s a lot easer work on 16bit cores. My list of benefits:

  • More portable code;
  • Better  code optimization;
  • Free compiler, without restrictions;
  • PIC24F Family is pin compatible with other family devices, so if you need more flash only you need is change the MCU;

2010 was the year of Arduino for most hobbyists. I’ve to confess that I don’t like much Arduino, but I’ve some Arduino’s and some shields too. I don’t understand very well what happens, but I’m not very comfortably with libraries. I think that is because Arduino try to be “much” friendly to non-electronic people. That’s “friendly” you can see on libraries: SD card access, OLED access, RFID access, all stuf very very very easy and directly, but don’t made by you. I don’t like to “rediscover the wheel”, but I like some control about what happen.

But even with this opinion, I’ve a project with Arduino for next year.

In this week I receive a lot of new devices, like:

  • new OLEDs (SSD1339 controller, very smart, with graphic accelerated functions);
  • new TFT LCDs (SSD1289 controller, not so smart);
  • new 16bits MCUs (PIC24HJ64GP502, PIC24HJ128GP502 and PIC24FJ64GA102);
  • new 32bits MCUS (ARM STM32);

I’ve doing great goals in this projects, but all of them still very young yet. But see the photos above and conclude that they are very nice:

TFT LCD SSD1289 Controller - some problems with pixel functions yet.

128x128 OLED Board from SparkFun (with SSD1339 Controller) - 65k colors ok, but 262k colors tsc tsc... little bit hard...

MicroStick from Microchip - Learning PIC24H MCUs next year


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December 23, 2010 at 19:50

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