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MP4 Powerpack – LiPoly Charger Hack – Part 2 (and final)!

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In this post, i show that in many cases, the solution is just a simple change, without any new circuit. I was surprised with the solution… and maybe you be too. The circuit of the power and charger stay above, end the first thing that pay attention is that the diode arrange in the first stage has a function of isolate the USB power and the wall adapter power.

MP4 Power Circuit

Then, I put a jumper between the pins of D202 diode and test it…..Shazam! Worked!

MP4 green wire hack

Now, see the MP4 sign charge:

Final test with USB - Shazam!

The one issue is that’s not possible to connect both USB and DC wall adapter, because now, we have a direct connection between it’s. Maybe in the version 2.0 of the hack, i really change the MP4 circuit to fix it 🙂

For now, the solution it’s OK!

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November 20, 2007 at 12:29

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